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CESSAN (Charity for Children)

About us:

Children Education and Social Service Association Nepal ‘CESSAN’ is a non-profit oriented Non-Government Organization established on 7th April 2000. It is a legal entity registered in the District Administration Office Kathmandu under the Organization Administration Act 1977 # 809-2000/2001 and also affiliated with Social Welfare Council # …….

Founder of organization Mr. Iswari Adhikari experience the shameful state of children of nearby villages never see the gate of school rather force to take the cattle for grazing or look after the younger child of family to allow the time to work for living their parents. Learning such condition of children of school going ages; specially from the lower cast, orphans and economically week community, he uphold a task to take them school and bear the expenses to their study and health. Doing such a pyramid task for long time and financially sustain is not less tough than eating the iron cake. Terminating such noble job without reaching on its goal in never a right judgment. In the verge of such condition he formulates an idea to establish an organization and ask to work together with the kind hearted friend from all around the world.

The organization is sending the children to school in some village and working on the area of child education, child right and community health awareness program in remote villages of Dhading district of central Nepal. Foundation of the organization aims to take initiative to send children to school on their school going age, take instigation for readmission for those children who left school after some times with various family reasons, provide financial support for their study and pursue health and nutrition food on poor families. Generating awareness on child right and defend their childhood.

CESSAN committed for fostering ongoing education, nutrition and health care that will make a real difference towards a promising future for these children. Healthy children, unburdened by poverty at home, could have a better focus for reading and can make the, most of their opportunities themselves in the future. Through education, children can play an active role in shaping their own lives, contribute to their community and promote changes to benefit their county.

CESSAN works closely with Parents, Teachers and community on the basis of common understanding, so our students grow up to be socially conscious, creative and self-reliant citizen with well developed sense of impartiality and personally committed to contribute the society in the coming days.

CESSAN has set up following main objectives:

  • Create an environment to send children from remote village as well as lower cast to school and maintain sustainable financial support for their schooling expenses,
  • Rehabilitation and Education for orphan children
  • Improve health standards of every children from economically week communities of rural Nepal
  • Generate public awareness and defend the basic children right

CESSAN management committee:

CESSAN has constituted a management committee under the chairmanship of Mr. Iswari Adhikari. The committee has authority to take the decision and carryout regular works of the organization. All the committee members are fully dedicated towards achieving the goal of organization.

  • President: Mr. Ishwori Adhikari
  • Vice president: Mr. Rammani Khatiwada
  • Secretary: Ms Sujata Subedi
  • Board members:
  • Program Officer

Our project:

Local peoples of Sunaula Bazaar- 7, Dhading have established Sunaula Community School some 5 years ago, running Ten grades. After the civil war started in 1996, situation was not favorable for many children to attend the school as many other childrens of the country. From the side of Government has made no efforts to support the financial or educational environment of the school. During such tough days Sunaulo Community School remained open by the constant commitment and never ending significance of education of the local village people. If it was to close then, the children have to walk an hour to attend their class on next school. Now these days, the school has giving education some 250 children, some of them with full scholarship. CESSAN has providing scholarship approximately 100 children. Still the children are in severe shortage of text books, uniforms, and stationery. The parents of the children are hardly able to feed their child, no where able to buy books, uniform, Tiffin etc. CESSAN is doing its best to find a reliable resource to arrange these necessary things.

Here is the list of our upcoming projects:

  1. (work has underway to build a boundary wall around the school, people who wish to support is welcome)
  2. Making a boundary wall of Sunaulo Community School (SCS)
  3. Construction of Hostel Building
  4. Extension of School floor
  5. Establishment of Community Health Post (CHP)

Though we are planning for the mention projects, we doesn’t have a reliable financial resource, we call the people come and support us, your wish to support is most welcome.

Get Involved:

You are welcome to this small society of CESSAN, where people from all class and corner of world can come together and work for same noble cause. If you wish to participate in this program it’s never be the late. Just inform us, we have always wide open space for you. Come forward and join the hand with us to work for these deprived children for poor family. Either individually or organized you will have equal opportunity to perform.


Introduce CESSAN to a foundation, corporation or publisher that might be interested in supporting our kind of work. Do you have connection with a corporation or foundation that might be interested in funding such work? Can you introduce CESSAN to a publisher that would be interested in supporting social sector like ours? If yes, contact us with the relevant information. We will respond you quickly for further planning.

Start a chapter

interested in a long-term volunteer commitment with CESSAN?

Hold a fundraising event; invite your friends, colleagues and family to your own fundraising party and appeal them for support.

How you can help?

You can help us in different ways. Like donating some stationery materials, paying school fees for some child, organizing a fundraising activity, paying salary for some teachers, establishing a fund for education and health of children or volunteer with CESSAN.

Please contact us if you would like to help us to build for our complete school projects or our health post plan.

For the ongoing support and needs of our projects, please look below at what your efforts could achieve, no matter the size of the donation every little bit helps.

  • USD 12 sponsor a primary student for a month (includes pen, papers, uniform and fees)
  • USD 20 sponsor a secondary student for a month (includes pen, papers, uniform and fees)
  • USD 45 enough to buy one new School Uniform (Shoes, Socks, Shirt, Tie, Pant, and Sweater)
  • USD 48 buys a quality reading desk for 4 students
  • USD 100 builds a common tap to ensure the students stay clean and rubbish free.
  • USD 120 will buy a sewing machine which guarantee self-employment for a villager
  • USD 150 will employ a teacher to run the education program for uneducated adultcents villager for a month
  • USD 150 employs a qualified teacher for primary school for a month
  • USD 150 employs a health assistant for a month
  • USD 230 employs a qualified teacher for secondary level for a month
  • USD 250 employs a nurse for a month
  • USD 260 supply fuel to run a generator in power less area school for a month
  • USD 315 supplies primary medication in a village for a month
  • USD 600 good quality computer for a school
  • USD 800 buys stainless still plate to roofing a primary school
  • USD 2000 buys a generator or solar panel for a school or health post
  • USD 5000 is enough to build a primary school.


You can donate money to entire CESSAN organization to support all its projects, or you can donate to fund for specific activities. Also you can indicate your own interest by sending us mail. We will fully support you in this regards.


CESSAN is committed to provide Education and basic health care to the children of poor family. If you wish to get involved in our champion to build better society, Sponsor some children who is currently studying with the help of CESSAN. It is not difficult to sponsor a child if you are interested to help these poor children and family. It is does not need to be a large sum of money, even a regular contribution of some amount a month is very much appreciated. Just write us an email to be a sponsor, we will be glad to help to find the right child(s). You can also sponsor particular projects that we are pursuing. Individual or organizations are welcome to join us as sponsor.

Fundraising Events:

Every interested contributor is invited to organize some fundraising events in support of CESSAN activities. The event could be a single activities or in a group program. We can support your efforts by providing you with relevant material such as related information, pictures and videos.

Please discuss your plans with us, we will sure to provide some useful idea on how to organizing an event.

Volunteer Programs:

Volunteering contribution to CESSAN could be a mutually beneficial and rewarding experience. We are dedicated to arranging for volunteers come to Nepal and be completely immersed in the culture and society. There are many ways to be involved as volunteer with CESSAN. It could be teaching, campaigning for school admission, construction of school and community building, building the walking trail, serving in the health post etc. You can utilize your talent, skill and personal experience in a different way and condition. Your direct involvement as a volunteer meant a lot for better future to the children. And it is equally useful for you as well in your further career.

In return for your positive experience as well as to cover your living expenses whilst in Nepal, we are asking a nominal financial contribution. Your financial contribution goes directly in the Education and health care of children. Please just contact us we will find a best position as per your interest.

Charity tour program:

CESSAN has come forward with some special programs. With an uphill task to make CESSAN a financially sound organization, we are lunching some Charity Tour Program in association with Austravel & Tours Nepal P. Ltd. from this year. Objective of this tour is, introducing our project to the visitor, generating some revenue and utilize in our various projects. All your contribution will go directly to the CESSAN fund and accomplish the demands of these needy children of poor villages. We heartily invite you all; come join with us and make some contribution in our project and be a part of our society. Your small contribution is invaluable for us.

Please select from our popular Charity trip and be a part of our mission to educate underprivileged Children. Your valuable contribution means a lot in our campaign.


CESSAN (Charity for Children)
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